"We like that Sam is involved in something active and healthy. His self-confidence has
grown in just a few months. Everything is well- organized and clean. The staff is very
pleasant and respectful."  
                                                                        Mrs. K. Healy (Mom)
"I experience calmness in my life. I feel more makes a huge difference. My quality
of life has really improved. "                          Mrs. C. Kinney (Speech Pathologist)
"My son is integrating these life lessons learned at the Academy, and as a result we have seen
real improvement in his behavior and outlook. His teachers and other adults in his life have
commented to us that he is better focused, more respectful and courteous and more willing to
apply himself to difficult tasks."                                                                   
Mrs. E. Brunner (Mom)
"I am extremely proud of the system of martial arts that I am taking or learning and I feel
lucky that I am learning from such wonderful people."                 Mr. K. Payne (Technician)
"We live in an instant gratification world where the immediacy of cause and effect surrounds our
children every day. USA Masters Academy teaches self-paced development of ever-increasing goals.
The self-discipline and dedication to the long term perfection of the art, is a valuable skill that has
spilled over into other areas of our daughter’s life."
                                                                                              Mr. G. Novak (Dad)  
"I like the program because it teaches discipline, respect and character. It is very
positive for my child, and also a great fitness program."                  Mrs. N. Diaz (Mom)
"We like what the program focuses on respect, self-control. etc. We also have enjoyed watching Brody
strengthen inside and out. His balance and agility have improved significantly."    Mrs. S. Scharr (Mom)
"Jacob is more willing to try new things and challenging activities since starting his martial arts training  
at the Academy. Granted, all of these changes are probably due to a number of factors and influences
but martial art is a big part of it. Thanks."                                                        Mrs. J. Pogel (Mom)
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